About Technology for Ageing and Disability (SA)


Technology for Ageing and Disability (SA) (TADSA) is a state-wide not-for-profit, voluntary organisation that as one major objective - to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities, and the aged, by creating, modifying or repairing devices where there is no other solution readily available. TADSA can also offer specialised technical advice and information to people with disabilities and those who care for them. In short, TADSA exists to apply innovative technology so that the lives of people with disabilities may be significantly improved.


Through the Freedom Wheels program, TADSA also provides modified bicycles for children who, through disability, are unable ride a regular bicycle.


To achieve these objectives, TADSA uses the skills and energy of a group of approximately 50 volunteers with a wide range of technical skills to design and construct many types of custom designed equipment for clients.  Work is co-ordinated by our volunteer Project and Freedom Wheels Co-ordinators.


Originally named "Technical Aid to the Disabled [SA]", TADSA has been helping people with disabilities, and the aged, in South Australia for nearly 40 years.  The change of TADSA's name to "Technology for Ageing and Disability [SA] reflects changes in the use of language, the increased everyday use of technology, and the growth in services that TADSA provides to people in an ageing demographic.  At TADSA, we understand that ageing is not a disability. However we know that the skills and services that TADSA applies to creating customised solutions, in particular for mobility and independent living, can be effectively applied to overcome some of the challenges associated with ageing.


TADSA works with many other disability related service providers and support organisations. TADSA is a registered provider (0 to 15 years) with the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) and is accredited at Certificate level for the Australian Service Excellence Standards (ASES).


Anybody with a need can contact TADSA directly – no referral is necessary to access this unique service.


TADSA is partly funded by a grant from SA Government but still relies heavily on donations from the public and other organisations.


Still need to know more?  Have a look at the answers to Frequently Asked Questions, or please contact us.

Technology for Ageing and Disability (SA)

31 Blacks Rd, Gilles Plains, SA 5086

(08) 8261 2922 or 1300 663 243 (Cost of a local call)

e-mail: admin@tadsa.org.au