Assistive Equipment and Technology


Wouldn't it be nice if you could go to a shop and buy whatever you need to make life easier for a person with a disability?  Unfortunately that is not always possible,and that is why TADSA exists.


TADSA specialises in either modifying equipment that has been purchased, or otherwise designing and manufacturing items that are not commercially available.


TADSA also performs assessments on request and provides technical advice to the elderly, to people with disabilities and to those who care for them.  If we cannot help, but we know who might be able to, we will gladly refer you onwards.

TADSA works with a wide rage of disabilities and with the elderly.  Our concern is not the cause your disability, but rather what you are able, and would like, to do.


The range of needs where we work is large:

  • Mobility
  • Eating and drinking
  • Seating
  • Transport
  • Recreation
  • Access and security
  • Communication
  • And more ...


So dream a little and bring us your needs and desires.  We may just be able to help you make them a reality.

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Technology for Ageing and Disability (SA)

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