Frequently Asked Questions

Still need to know more?  Perhaps the answers to the Frequently Asked Questions below will help.  If not, please just contact us.


Who does TADSA help?

TADSA helps people with a disability, the elderly, and their carers.  TADSA is focused on solutions for what you wish to do, and are able to do.  The underlying cause for your challenges is not the factor that determines whether we can help.

What does TADSA do?

TADSA helps people to do activities that would be challenging or impossible without the use of assistive equipment.  TADSA either modifies equipment that is commercially available, or otherwise designs and manufactures customised equipment to suit the individual's need.

Who does the work?

While TADSA has two part-time employees who manage and run the office, all other work is performed by volunteers.

All staff and volunteers undergo Police clearance checks every three years.

What makes TADSA unique?

There are a number of factors.  Perhaps the most important are:

  • TADSA deals with equipment that you cannot buy off-the-shelf.
  • Each project we complete is custom designed and made for the specific needs of the client.
  • Work is performed by volunteers free of charge, reducing the overall cost to our clients.
  • Volunteers do not have commercial pressures applied to the time that they take to design a solution.  This means that creative and ingenious solutions are often found compared to tradesmen and engineering companies whose thinking time is limited, either by the commercial pressures to be performing work that pays, or by the cost of the time taken to rigorously think through a solution.

Can you provide Freedom Wheels bicycles for older children and adults?

At this stage we are only able to provide bicycles with a wheel diameter of 24" or smaller.  However, we are working on that and may be able to assist you with alternative solutions, so please contact us.

Do I need a referral?

No.  Either the person in need of assistance, their carer or a friend or family member may approach TADSA at any time.

Is there a cost for equipment made by TADSA and bicycles from Freedom Wheels?

Yes.  Clients pay for materials and equipment that TADSA / Freedom Wheels volunteers purchase.  There is also an administration fee that is paid to TADSA.  However, clients do not pay for the labour provided by the volunteers, and this can be an enormous saving.

Is TADSA a registered provider for the NDIS?

Yes.  Most notably, TADSA has provided a number of Freedom Wheels bicycles to children through the NDIS.

What if I cannot afford it?

Please talk to us.  TADSA has the support of some wonderful organisations.  Some have, in the past, been able and willing to sponsor specific projects.  While we can make no firm promises, we may be able to seek assistance on your behalf.

Are donations to TADSA tax deductible?

TADSA has Donor Gift Registration, so donations of $2 and over are tax deductible.

What skills do volunteers need?

While TADSA volunteers are, traditionally, mostly those with technical skills, we also need a wide variety of skills to assist the administration and promotion of the Association.  So whatever your skills, if you would like to help, we would like to hear from you.  Please give us a call.

How do I volunteer?

Please contact the TADSA office.  We will ask you to complete an application form to become a member of TADSA, attend a short interview with two of our members or staff, and obtain a Police clearance certificate (at no cost to you).

How do I contact TADSA?

By phone, fax, email, post or even drop in at the office.  All the details are on our contact page.

Technology for Ageing and Disability (SA)

31 Blacks Rd, Gilles Plains, SA 5086

(08) 8261 2922 or 1300 663 243 (Cost of a local call)