Freedom Wheels Bicycles


The name says it all ... Freedom Wheels bicycles give children the ability to escape the confines of their wheelchairs or the limitations of their crutches.  It allows them to keep up with their siblings and to feel the wind in their face.


The Freedom Wheels customised bicycle program modifies standard push bikes to give a new kind of independence to children with disabilities,allowing them to ride a bicycle for the first time.


Volunteers find the Freedom Wheels program incredibly rewarding.  The one thing that they all tell you about is the way the children smile and laugh when they get on their bicycles for the first time.

A standard range of add-ons have been developed that fit onto a range of commercially available bicycles.  That allows an Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist to “prescribe” the attachments needed to correctly support a child.


TADSA volunteers have also designed and manufactured a number of non-standard adaptations to suit the abilities of individual children.  This includes modifications to handlebars and steering, and also to pedal actions.


TADSA volunteers set up bicycles according to each child's requirements, before delivering them to the child.

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